Sunday, November 11, 2007

Location Based Services Brainstorm

Discussion - Best way to enter location information?
Cookies store 4 or 5 previously entered locations.
Looped - mobile java application displays dots where friends are.
Real proximity vs. social proximity.
Remembers last location. Pick from list of locations. Free text as a last resort.
Service which asks user to reply to SMS message -> sends to 3rd party -> returns Lat/Long.
Interior location based services using RFID. Hyper location - breakdown ot stadium, school. Need blueprints. Data delivered within firewall different.
Dash -offered incentives for users to report location. Asking users to find new roads. Cost goes down. Google monitors GPS and speed tracking to monitor traffic. Getting users to report photographs.
Digital Compass on phone.
GPShopper - local product search tool has inventory management - feeds from Best buys, shiftler, Circuit City(?).
GPS huge add-on.
Need opt in option - Can I locate you?
Absolute or Relative positioning? Jaiku - activity streams. Passively tracks what you're doing plug in different services. Flicker. - dashboard for social networks brings activity log together in continuous stream.

Accuracy of LBS? Important for social services because user will complains that service is broken. Technique of locating is importat - triangulation (from cellphone towers) is not accurate enough. Yahoo checkmates.

LOOP - passively tracking on and off. Location - sharing/hiding issues. fuzziness - user might not want to always display their location. Dopplr - social travel site. Real world implications - social acceptance of LBS.

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