Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pete Noffit Mobile Usability

Pete Noffit Mobile Usability, originally uploaded by dawachan1.

Pete started the talk with examples of good and bad mobile site design. Goog: The New York Times mobile site includes skip links which help you jump down to the page to minimize scrolling. Google moile has the search at the top and promotes other services in context 1 800 411 GOOG.
Bad: - contains a lot of redundant information. Begins with an ad pushing other content below the limited fold on mobile devices. Too much horizontal whitespace.
Good. Mogoso - more information displayed in context. Returns category type against individual search results to increase relevance. Results grouped according to type and locality.
Yelp Mobile - using up a lot of screen real estate for 1 result.
ESPN does a good job of knowing of displaying what information people are coming to access.

Developing sites on emulators but emulators lie - do not render accurately. Emulators: Blackberry, Windows,

Forms on mobile sites. Many not necessary. Users hate filling out forms. Move non essential form inputs to deeper levels (or illiminate).

Transcode == barfcode. Transcoding wikipedia - make it mobile friendly. Yahoo mobile research.

Disconnect ?? mobile phone and web browser. People share information - javascript object instantiate a location share. Facebook - Cityscape facebook application enables friend location tracking.

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