Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dilip Venkatachari gives talk at AA | RF

We had an interesting talk in our offices today by Mr. Venkatachari - Director, Mobile Ads.. not sure if I am allowed to blog about what he told us..

I think Google had a really interesting way of approaching things and a lot in common with Nokia's research division in which they go out into the field and conduct ethnographic studies to observe the ingenious ways people make use of their cellphones in order to obtain information.

Interesting that he thought the killer apps. for the phone would involve voice.

I also like the fact that Google puts the user first in everything. Very smart and why they are so successful in addition to hiring really smart people and being progressive in many areas of business.

Interesting that google are not manufacturing an exclusive device or gPhone - if i had kept up with reading google mobile blogs i would know this!

I really hope someone hacks the iPhone firmware so it can dual boot into either android or iPhone OS.. i don't want to have to buy another phone to run android.

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